What is this book about and why is it free?

Life is disappearing.  With each passing day there is a smaller variety of life and a smaller abundance of life on Earth than existed the day before.  It is happening to mammals, birds, fish, frogs, butterflies, corals and many other living things.

The book you can download from this website explores this problem.  It was written to help people understand why life is being lost and what consequences humanity could face if this trend continues.  At the same time, it is more than just an analysis of the problem; it is also a compilation of solutions.  It outlines a variety of simple steps each of us can take to help stop the decline.

Although resolving this crisis requires a rapid spread of public awareness, this may not be achievable using traditional approaches.  In particular, because this is not an entertaining topic to read about, relatively few people would be willing to pay $15 or $20 for a book on this subject.  The lower the price, however, the more accessible it will be to everyone.  For this reason, I decided to offer this electronic book for free, with the hope that this will allow it to reach the largest possible audience.  There are no catches or hidden agendas.  The book is yours to have at no cost -- if you are interested in finding ways to help sustain the living system that sustains you.

Mother black rhinoceros with her calf.  The day after this photo was taken, poachers killed the mother for her horns. All varieties of rhino are now endangered and the western black rhino may already be extinct. Account and photo © Juanita Venter.